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is creating peace through nonviolent, love-based direct action.
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$5 gets us a month's worth of chalk to use and share with our local activist friends. Chalking is a super-friendly and accessible type of activism (which we do pretty often). See #VeganChalkChallenge for more!
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To facilitate our monthly potlucks through Pueblo Vegan Meetup and for other events where food is provided, we supply paper plates, napkins, cups and utensils.




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About The P's Of Happiness


       Hallo! We're Sandrah and Joshua and we are the dynamic duo referred to as The P's Of Happiness! We're two peas in a pod passionately promoting plantbased life, positivity and peace for all nonhuman and human persons!


       We engage in and document many various types of animal rights activism and advocacy in order to encourage viewers to take part in the form of activism that is most accessible and engaging to them, based on their own wants and needs, talents and experiences.
       Our audience consists largely of vegans interested in keeping up with our activism and who appreciate the resources we create for them to share with a wider, prevegan audience. These include videos, blog posts and finely crafted memes with loads of resources attached.
       Our prime focus is ethics, but we also aim to provide references and resources on an array of vegan related reading, including (but not limited to): scientific literature on nutrition, environmental impact of diet, recipes, resources for meal planning and grocery shopping, personal anecdotes and discussions on the social and philosophical aspects of living vegan in a world that is only just waking up to the value of compassion.
       In all we do, we are nonviolent in action, speech and tone. This is because nonviolence is not just best way to change our current paradigm - it's the only way.


  • To engage in and document as many forms of animal rights activism as we are able to.
  • To demonstrate for our viewers how they may cultivate compassion within their own communities.
  • To empower our viewers with resources, both for their own benefit and to share with others.
  • To propagate the principles of nonviolence!


       Crowdfunding allows many activists to be more active and more effective by providing an alternative means of income, as opposed to a traditional 9-5, which takes up much of a person's time and energy. We have received a number of generous donations in the past, for which we are extremely grateful. Now we are redoubling our efforts to become fully sustained through crowdfunding and the freelance trades we each practice (Sandrah grooms felines; Josh tutors youth). In this way, we may devote as much time as possible to organizing everything from potlucks to protests and continuing our own education to become better voices for the animals. In short, donations from crowdfunding pay for the materials needed for various modes of activism, food for our events and to put on our own table, as well as fuel to get us to and from events we are attending or organizing.

       So join The Pea Pod! Through the power of intentional community, we empower each other to cultivate compassion within our local communities and beyond. If you think what we do is helpful, please show your support! We appreciate each and every one of you.

Plants. Passion. Positivity. Peace.

- The P's Of Happiness.

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With your support, we won't have to sell our time to a company that isn't working to make the world a better place for animals! Instead, we can:
  • Engage in/document as many forms of animal rights activism as we are able to,
  • Show our viewers how to cultivate compassion in their own communities,
  • Empower our viewers with resources, both for their own benefit and to share with others, and
  • Work full-time propagating the principle of nonviolence!
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