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About Common Knowledge

About Us:

Common Knowledge is an MTG podcast that focuses on improving at Magic and the pauper format. Our goal is to help our listeners improve through the exploration and mastery of a diverse and cost-effective format.

Your donations are used to help improve the quality of the podcast and bonus content. We seek to create a fun, interactive community of people who love Pauper. Thank you so much to the people who contribute and/or participate in that community. We love you!

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We will hold a 5 card blind tournament!

What is 5 card blind?

  1. The community submits a 5-card pauper deck via email including the information listed below in compliance with the rules by September 31st 2019.
  2. Entry is free.
  3. All 5 cards start in your opening hand and do not mulligan or sideboard.
  4. If you would lose the game by running out of cards in your library, you do not lose the game.
  5. Random effects result in produce the results that least benefit the caster of the effect.
  6. You must still pay costs as normal to play cards.
  7. In each match 2 games are played so that each deck has an opportunity to go first.
  8. The Common Knowledge hosts play each deck against every other deck within 8 man pods with complete information as optimally as possible. The deck with the top points in each pod move on to the next round, where they are placed in 8 man pods again according to point values, alternating between high and low to get an even distribution. In the event that we cannot create pods of exactly 8 people for a round after the first, we include the decks with the next highest point values overall until we get even 8 man pods. Tie breakers are decided randomly. We repeat until this process until the top 8 decks are decided.
  9. For each match, points are awarded as follows
    1. Win = 3 points
    2. Draw = 1 point
    3. Loss = 0 points
  10. Players are ranked with the most points being the best.
  11. Judging will conclude October 31st, 2019.
  12. A results spreadsheet with be posted after the due date.
  13. Entry to the competition is agreement to our termsandconditions&privacypolicy.
   Ban List
Empty the Warrens

Prizes will be given out as codes via email for store credit good on
  1. $100
  2. $50
  3. $35
  4. $35
  5. $25
  6. $25
  7. $15
  8. $15
Entry Requirements
  1. Entrants must email a list of 5 cards to [email protected] and include their magic online screen name.
  2. Entries must be submitted by September 31st 2019.
  3. Entry must be in accordance with our termsandconditions&privacypolicy.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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