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I’m a 100% disabled veteran and I suffer from debilitating migraines. Caffeine can sometimes help keep migraines at bay or at least delay their onset. Your support buys me a cup of coffee and keeps me going in between interviews, meetings and travel. 

Every bit of support helps. Thank you.

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Your support really matters and keeps me working on issues of peace and justice in a city that seems to be dedicated to the exact opposite.



About Matthew Hoh

I’m a former Marine and US government official who spent a good part of my early adult life working for the preservation and benefit of the US Empire and its militarist foreign policies; policies that are best summarized by wars, weapons sales, and friendships with dictators and despotic regimes. 

I was in the Iraq War twice and then the Afghan War until a crisis of conscience, pushed by an inability to accept my own personal intellectual and moral dishonesty, led me to resign from my position with the State Department in 2009.

Since then I have spoken out against wars, oppression and injustice, both abroad and at home. I need your help to continue to do so. I work with a think tank, the Center for International Policy, but as we don’t take money from corporations at our think tank (we’re one of the very few that don’t), I must raise funding to support my work from individuals and non-profit groups.

Your support will allow me to continue my work: To write and publish; to go on TV, radio and podcast interviews; to travel and lecture to students and civic groups; and to advise members of Congress and presidential candidates. 

As you undoubtedly know there are few voices in Washington, DC speaking out against war and the $1 trillion a year US war budget and even fewer who have the background and experience to speak with credibility against the politicians, generals and lobbyists who prolong these seemingly endless wars. I need your help to continue to be one of these voices.

You can find out more about me and see examples of my past work at my blog:

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