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For a pledge of $1 per month, you will have my unending love and gratitude. I'll also plant a tree in your honor. As an adult, that tree will sequester about 35 pounds of carbon dioxide a year. That's about the same as burning two and a half gallons of gasoline! You'll also receive a personal thank you email from me because, let's face it, you're rad as heck.

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For a pledge of $5 per month, not only will you get my love and thanks and forever adoration and a tree planted and a personal thank you email, I'll send you an awesome, limited edition Give A Shit About Nature sticker right to your door. Each envelope will come with a small amount of my saliva from where I licked it. You're welcome.
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For a monthly pledge of $10, you'll receive my love and gratitude, a thank you email and a limited edition Give A Shit About Nature Sticker, but for you, we'll plant 10 trees. Those trees, once mature, will sequester 350 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere - the same as driving a car about 600 miles.




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About Give A Shit About Nature

Hi. I'm Thomas. Back in 2012, I was laid off a job working for an environmental nonprofit organization in Colorado. (Funding for my job dried up. Bummer!) I was left with no job but a ton of passion for taking care of our environment. So in March of 2012, I started Give A Shit About Nature on Facebook.

I never expected it to take off. In the first month, it had 1,000 likes. (Wow!) By the second month, 4,000. Today, it sits just a bit shy of 900,000 dedicated, intelligent, shit-giving Earth warriors. On GASAN, we talk a lot about the big stuff that's happening in our world. We're also dedicated to planting trees, having raised the funds to plant well over 100,000 so far.

Recently, we've branched out into creating unique, written content. If you're anything like me, you -hate- going to websites and seeing a bunch of shitty ads and shitty popups and shitty email signups and shitty demands to turn off your adblocker.

I don't want any of that nonsense on my site. I also don't want to resort to clickbait and misleading headlines just to get you to click and look at my shitty third party ads to make a buck. But websites cost money, and so does the time it takes for me to write for it. Giving A Shit About Nature, for me, is a full time job that doesn't exactly pay.

So here's what I want: 1,000 monthly supporters. This money will do a few things:

1) Pay for the website.

The website's total cost is relatively low, just a few hundred dollars a month, but that's still quite an investment. 

2) Allow me to hire a pro writer.

I fancy myself a pretty alright writer, but I'm not that great. There are tons of amazing writers out there who are looking to get involved with the environmental movement, and I'd like to hire one of them. Your support will get me closer to bringing on a second employee.

3) Let me be a person.

It's hard to believe that a website and Facebook page about nature would have me hunched over a computer day in and day out, but that's my lot. My hope is that with your pledges, I can go back to being more of a human being and less of a human doing. Your support will help make sure I'm an alive person for years to come so we can keep up this fight against environmental destruction.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and for your continued support. The planet is in trouble, and together, we can fight back.
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I need to hire a second writer and page moderator. At 1,000 patrons, I'll be able to hire a second full time employee.
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