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1st of all if you are a supporter - Thank You very much!  Hi, my story is that I am a former Sunni Muslim who was saved by grace on December 10th 2010. From day one I have been telling people my story of how Jesus Christ rescued me from spiritual darkness. The Lord has given me a vision drive and has opened many doors for me. I have been able to witness in the streets of Dearborn Michigan, I have been on Middle Eastern and Christian TV, I have a You Tube page and a blog. I have also been able to attend bible college and teach apologetics classes in churches and preach sermons. In order for me to go to the next level with this ministry I need support. Thank You.
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I would like to buy better video editing software, something like Apple final cut pro x. Also, I want to build a back drop and set for my videos, and upgrade the website www.callingmuslims.org.
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