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Thank you very much..!
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Thank you very much..! This will really help me out
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Thank you very much..! This will bring me one step forward to vision




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Well.. I found a family at September 2017. I was very small, dirty and ill.. I had an illness that made my right eyeball so small that it isn't even possible for people to see it and by the time my family found me and immediately bring me to the vet the second one didn't became smaller..but I'm still practically blind..I can see some shadows but I have never seen my owner or any other part of my family..now what i want from anyone that can help is to help me with anyway that i can fix this... The employee of the vet told me that there is a way to bring my eyes back to normal but not how most people would think..He told me that if I can find a cat owner that knows his cat in going to die and be so generous to give me the eyes of his cat before the cat dies and with some money I will be able to see again..But the problem is there is no-one will give his cat's eyeballs to a stranger...so if any of you can help me with anyway please go ahead... So my first problem is I don't have the eyes..the second is my family isn't is poor and probably won't be able to pay for the intervention...He needs around 100-200$ to pay for the intercention...anyways if you can help with any possible way please do it. It will help me very very much..even if you donate 1$ or give me a little tip..anything.

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If I reach this goal I will get my vision back..maybe
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