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Hey-hey, whats up?! Do you want to have a part in creating a beautiful game? Then you’ve come to the right place. Sit back and enjoy a little story.

Long ago I stumbled across patreon and was quickly introduced to creators such as AkaburMr.DotsInceton, SadCrab(though I wish they would do better in communicating with their patreons), AlxPalmer and Luxee.

I have come across these talented creators and many more and played their beautifully put together games. But to me, something was missing. Isn’t that what you feel when you play any game?

I originally had an idea to create a new "witch trainer esque game." But that idea was quickly scrapped because I suck at drawing and it would take far too long for me to draw out the stuff need. Though you can see what that would have looked like from my first posts. 

I spent the next year searching for a method for me to create 3D model type game, but that would require me to have a good computer. Which I dont have. I even spoke with Luxee about the method of creating characters though DAZ3D and he was quite helpful, but again, I dont have a strong enough laptop. I have an Acer Tablet... it cant do much, so I'm doing what I can with this.

For me, this is going to be a game that I create for my amusement, its a game and story that I've been searching for but haven't found yet. 

It's going to be a slow process. I don't have the best or strongest of laptops, but I will do what I can, and any and all money donated to the page will go towards a better and stronger laptop or PC. Depending on how many people follow and support, unless this takes off and I get good support, this is just going to be a full time hobby.

The title of the game is TBD. I have many idea's from "Sextra Credit" to "Sextra Education" Honestly, I dont know what to call it yet :P

For now I will be posting covers of the 7 girls that are currently involved in the story. 

Stay Tuned and enjoy!
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Well, at least I'm getting somewhere!
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