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About DignifiedPerversion

I have long had an interest in writing erotic fiction and in 3d graphics. I'm also a professional software developer. I've decided to combine my professional skills with my hobbies and start making sexy games.

Sorcery of Lust is my first game.

It is a visual novel style game. It has MF, MFF, D/s, Mind Control and Corruption.

The game was entirely rendered at 1080p.

Development of Sorcery of Lust is now completed. Chapter 7 is the final chapter. 


This release is also available in a compressed form. The download is much smaller but image quality is also lower. I recommend this for anyone with a slow connection or limited storage.

Chapter One of my second game, Midnight's Fall is now available to the public.



Chapter 2 of Midnight's Fall has been released to patrons. The public release will be on 10/29/2019

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