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About Tomas Garrett

Hi Guys, I've been a musician for decades, mainly playing covers. These days though I'm about creating original tracks that hopefully people will enjoy. Over time I've put a lot of effort into technical musicianship but it's a strong emotional connection to music creation that's motivating me.

The relative affordability of a modern basic home studio really allowed me to get started with my own song projects. My "studio" is actually just a DAW PC  [average good PC with a recording prog on it] an Audio Interface and my guitars, MIDI keyboard and a microphone, about $1200 worth. However this is enough that there's no excuse for anything that doesn't sound good.

There's a few things I would add, mainly software instruments for drums and bass, but mainly what I'd like to be able to afford is the time to produce some of the many ideas I have recorded as soundbytes on my phone etc. If you would like to help as a Patron that would be great, would be much appreciated as these days I don't even rate as middle class because of the non-super jobs I've worked over the years and time spent obsessed with guitar and music theory and the last few years audio engineering, I'm not crying poor, just the simple truth, may the net be my witness, cheers.

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