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head heavy and my eyes are dim - can’t get to sleep it’s either me or him - can’t seem to keep him from my mind - thoughts trip quickly as my time unwinds - talk to myself to keep me sane - holes up in the roof - dogs are on my tail

rainbow’s chasing me i got the gold – sunlight flickers, click, the shutter’s closed – i claw at time falling down its hole - always crawling back to where i was before - my knees are grinding into gravel floor – chains dripping blood – scraping through to bone

dulled mind inside a twister wind – i drink the poison that comes beaconing – it spills on out as i am breathing in - choking me up to where he’s got me pinned - i gasp for breath but then again begin – to suddenly remember - all i thought forgotten

shark swimming in a salty soup – he dives down deep he takes you too – should i think to sink or should i swim – heat bleaching you above the sun again – water pouring down comes seeping in - sun peeling skin - like flesh is stripped from bone

head long into a heavy wind – what blows me in is at my back again - water rising up above the rim - river over flowing love from some holy hymn - i feel the pain of unsung stinging sin – he’s got me going under before even going in

broke window ripping straight through time - lost minutes missed the passing train – saints (go) marching hear them coming in – drumsticks always breaking where they’re wearing thin - i stumble in the dark too tired to sleep - my lungs are filled with lead - there’s trouble where i breathe

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