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Hi, I'm rayden the creater of this page, and I'm trying to create a friendly community where people can come together and hang out and also help make other peoples lives better, you see what I'm trying to create is a group/community that will help people get the support they need and will make the world a better place but for starters I'm currently going to split the money I earn 50/50 which 50% will go in to a starter groups creation and the other 50% will go into the creation of a book and picture store I'm wanting to create which will be the foundation of everything I'm trying to create which will lead to an official group/community being created by the earnings I get from the store which then will lead to me being able to hold support events and such that will truly end up helping peoples lives get better and by doing this it will end up making the world a better place which means less struggling people, less homeless people, and less depressed people as people will no longer struggle or be sad which then encourages them to move foward and keep going with the community im creating helping them along till they think their ready to go out on their own but if they ever need this group/communitys help again we will be right there for them! And the rearnings from here will also help me keep this: going aswell which I use to speak oit agaionst world sitautions and i use it to teach spirituality too. ^^
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I'm hoping to get supporters on here so we all can work together to make the world a better place! ^^
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