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is creating music, video, photography, literature

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I am creating art and content throughout the internet. My plan is to publish poem book in Finnish language and in English language some time in near future. I am doing a side job a an translator, aiming to work 2 to 4 hours a day and 3 to 5 days a week. I do creative writing including prose, occasionally. I create psybient and chillout music playlists on Youtube, you will find them on my Youtube page.

I am currently working on creating healing music based on the Ancient Solfeggio Scale, you can find tasters from my soundcloud
I am working on creating a sequel to a beat album that contains philosophical talks from the movie Waking Life, you can find it here <-- this one is created on LMMS and sequel will be created on Ableton, you can find song that I have released so far from here

I am streaming games and music on twitch, 1 to 3 times a week, my schedule is irregular atm but will update when I create regular schedule there.
I am creating electronic music on Ableton Live and I will also stream that to twitch in future.

Right now my only income is social support from the government which leaves me to around 300€ per month after paying bills (car insurance, taxes, electricity and rent) (or less right now for 2 moths still I have to pay fine I got from another grow for 120€ per months so for two months now it is somewhere around 150€ to 200€ per month) plus one old loan that I still have to pay for 74€ per month for 6 months plus one month for 20€ or so. So that leaves me to almost nothing after the essentials groceries, but I can manage that is not the point, the point is to have creative freedom and to have enough funds allows you to do that.

I am looking for patrons to support me in getting better equipment for creating art, right now I am working with Ableton Live lite which leaves me to 8 tracks and I have multiple projects that are in halt because I see potential to create them further with added tracks from standard or suite.

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