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About Josh Bycer

Who am I?

My name is Josh Bycer and I've been studying Game Design and the Industry since 2007. I've been published several times on Gamasutra and have been building a reputation for providing quality, informative pieces. In late 2012 I took a step forward and opened Game-Wisdom: A site dedicated to critically examining game design and the industry.

Focusing on quality analysis of games and well thought out pieces about the industry. Throughout 2013, I've had a chance to talk to a number of developers such as Jon Schafer, Chris Hecker and more. We do this via our weekly podcast where we talk about design, current news in the industry and if we have a designer on the cast, their latest or upcoming title.

What makes our podcasts unique is the fact that we talk critically about game development and the industry with people making video games; something that no one else is doing right now.

From the beginning I wanted Game-Wisdom to be a source of quality writing and realizing how much they distract from the tone of the site, I made the site ad free. Since then I've been working daily to keep new content on the site and find new guests for the podcast.

I have expanded in recent months to doing live presentations relating to game design and the industry for libraries and community centers to help spread the word and talk to the wider audience about the industry. 


Since late 2015, we have been growing with more video-based content on  YouTube
 This includes streams of a variety of games, live interviews with developers and my popular vlog series: A Critical Thought. The Critical Thoughts are daily topics relating to all manner of game design, with many pitched by the fans. We have managed to hit over 2K subscribers and are continuing to grow. The next goal is to go for 10k subscribers. 

What will pledges be going towards?

I am hoping that with Patreon, I can secure monthly funding to help keep the site going and allow me to focus full time on making Game-Wisdom the best that it can be. 

The goals are designed to add more content all around, and allow me to support myself and my household.

Goal Structure:

Each goal is designed to add new content for Game-Wisdom, the Streams and the YouTube channel. I am willing to listen to the fans and patrons for future goals and the content that gets unlocked will also allow patrons to vote for a let's play or examination for the following month. 

With each new goal we unlock, means more content for everyone to vote on and enjoy. As we continue to go up in terms of funding, it will also afford me the ability to upgrade my setup for higher quality content as time goes on.

Game-Wisdom Live:

Each week, we hold a live show where myself and video game producer Robert Leach and I talk about game design and industry topics on the YouTube channel. For right now, the show is going to be Sundays at 3:00 est and they're open to everyone. Going forward, our major discussions each week will be edited and released for the public, but to see the whole show, you either have to watch it live or become a VIP supporter.

Discord Channel:

The newest feature for patrons is the Game-Wisdom private discord channel. It's where people interested in talking about game design and the industry are welcomed. Moving forward, anyone can join via this link: The basic membership just grants you access to the discord; you must donate to the patreon to get voting privileges. 

VIP Status:

My standard reward tier for the Patreon is VIP status. For anyone who donates $5 or more, you will gain access to additional private sections of the Game-Wisdom discord channel. 

VIPs will now also get first access to the recording of any live discussions we do on Game Design; that includes our live developer interviews and Game-Wisdom Live shows. These videos will also be ad-free, and the only way to watch Game-Wisdom Live unedited if you miss the live airing.

Saturday Night Grab Bag:

Every Saturday night, I stream three random games from my backlog as voted on by the fans and patrons. This is a way of playing a game that I wouldn't normally look at, and provide some extra variety. How it works is that on Sunday, I make a spreadsheet available for everyone to vote on a game they would like to see me play. On Wednesday, I take the voted games and show them to the supporters who then cast the deciding vote. 

Thank you for taking the time to look at my Patreon page. If you haven't checked it out yet, be sure to visit and our YouTube channel.

Music Credits:

First Song -- Monochrome by Justin "AdieuWinter†

Second Song -- Mist by John "Pfrequency†
$135.18 of $400 per month
Minimum Expenses:
This is the important goal that I need to start hitting each month in terms of paying for the bare minimum in terms of expenses around here. If I can hit it, then I will be able to start having additional goals available for us to reach. 
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