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This level of support allows me to continue offering my free online Art Videos here on Patreon and through my site at: 

That is Four videos per month for just a Buck-a-month! What a screamin' deal! -I can't even believe it myself. 

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At this membership level, gain exclusive access to extended tutorial-videos of my weekly project posts! 

Interested in learning more about drawing and painting? If so, this level of membership is for you! 

These exclusive videos slow down the process, with voice over-monologues sharing techniques, tips and tricks for how to achieve results with your artworks. All for just $5 Clams a Month!! Who would guess!!

If you are interested in more seriously pursuing your art, this Membership level is made for you.

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Teaching Live, Virtual art classes for this Tier Level !!

In my twice a month Art Sessions, you will learn about: 
-How to work with Charcoal,
-How to render a realistic sketches, and
-How to build your skill-sets for painting and other media!!

I am offering 2 LIVE Charcoal Tutorial Art Sessions, two Sundays  per month @ 2:00 pm!! 

Please sign up to this Tier for Link invites. class Supply lists and supplemental lesson PDF's!!




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About Andrew Carson Illustration

Just WHAT IS all of this PATREON stuff, anyway??

Patreon is a site that is allowing me to offer art painting video tutorials, and a way to share my painting commissions and art projects with a wider audience.

So, just WHAT are you doing here on Patreon, Andy?

I am evolving this page as I go, and making FREE video art tutorials each week on my site Blog. I seek connection with you as members of my community, to grow with me as I create content and offerings for you!

I am putting out new art videos each week showing how I go through the painting process on my art commissions and my own personal projects.

All Right, sounds good so far. So, What do you want for all of this Amazing stuff???

I am asking for a Buck a Month from you! And, I really am only asking.
Your 1$-per-month support can help me to make these free art video tutorials on my Weekly Blog, and to share what I have learned as a painter and an illustrator over the course of 30+ years, with you online here in this community..

For those of you who would like to explore drawing and painting further with me, I offer extended art tutorial videos at a $5 Explorer Membership Level, and seek a dialog with you as members about what kind of content you would like to see on my page.  

Thank you for your support, and for going on this journey with me!

Andy Carson

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 25 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 25 exclusive posts

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