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Hello everyone. This is Mord here, the creator of Futaland. I’m excited to bring you this immersive visual novel full of science, intrigue, torture revenge, shemales, chases, escapes, true love, miracles… Wait, it sounds like I’m describing another story I know. Anyway, your parents were killed when you were young in an accident. Or so you thought! Now that you are older, you have discovered that they were actually killed by the company they worked for. You swear upon your father’s grave that you will find the six-fingered… No, that’s not right. That you will make the evil company pay for robbing you of your beloved parents. Easy, right? WRONG… To do so, you will have to transform yourself body and soul into a woman and back into a man and then into something in between. Please enjoy Futaland with all its action and intrigue and side quests along the way.

Expert tier - 02/08/2020
Advanced tier - 09/08/2020
Beginner tier - 16/08/2020
Public - 23/08/2020

Expert tier - 16/08/2020
Advanced tier - 23/08/2020
Beginner tier - 30/08/2020
Public - 06/08/2020

The Last Hope

You are mankind's last hope for survival. An extraterrestrial virus has spread across the globe making every male impotent and every woman grows a cock. There is only a small number of women left that are still able to help reproduce. You are the only known man not affected by the virus and have viable seed to save the human race!

It won’t be easy. The women are held captive by the Shemale Queen who is surrounded by loyal shemale followers. You and a small group of rebels will infiltrate her ranks to free the vivacious women. To do so, you must transform yourself into the most desirable shemale love slave that the Queen won’t be able to resist.

The game features a slow male to shemale storyline with side quests Develop relationships and make allies. You can take the submissive or dominant paths along your adventure.

The game is still in the early stages of development. Feedback and suggestions are welcome. Your support is also greatly appreciated. Thank you!

I stopped working in this game at the moment because I don't have enough free time to working on both game.None of this would be possible without the support and feedback of my patrons, and I can't possibly thank you all enough. Thank you all!

The update progress is on my Discord channel. I share every information on discord. So if you want all the fresh info or just report a problem or give me some idea you can find me on discord.

Website for online play with the public releases:

Every info from the updates are on my discord:

TFGames Futaland:

TFGames The Last Hope:

$276.22 of $500 per month
At this point, I will hire a part-time story writer to expand a story and add more events and side quest. I have more time for coding.
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