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Thank you SO much!! Donating a dollar or more gives you access to exclusive screen shots, work in progress art, and behind the scenes content of animations and illustrations. I also post temp videos that disappear in 24 hours




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Patreon is pretty much like Kickstarter and Indiegogo but instead of making a single donation for one product, you make monthly donations for an ongoing projects.

You are NOT paying me to work on The Wrath of Nazo. The completion of the project does not depend on whether I get money or not. This is a longterm side project that I am doing for fun and to entertain my audiences. Patreon allows fans to show support for all my current and future artistic endeavors while receiving exclusive behind the scenes content. Meaning no one is directly paying to see the film, because there will no early access uploads for finished versions of 'The Wrath of Nazo". People are donating to get educational and artistic insight on my creation process.

All donations go straight into creating more content. So your support will go directly towards hiring freelance help, purchasing new software/equipment, or using time inbetween gigs to pump out something awesome for you to enjoy!

Currently my largest personal project is Sonic: The Wrath of Nazo. It is the (final) sequel to my 2006 Newgrounds fan film Sonic: Nazo Unleashed. A decade later, I finally decided to continue it after seeing how much interest my old and new fans still had.

The story continues sometime after the events of Nazo Unleashed. Eggman has stolen the Master Emerald to power his new "Super Eggcarier" airship. Sonic and friends race to foil the Doctor's plot, but a resurrected Nazo lies dormant deep within the hull of the ship...

The idea of "Nazo" as an evil Hedgehog created by all the negative energy and emotion stored in the Chaos Emeralds came about from a formerly unknown and unused character design for the TV show Sonic X. I made a crude flash cartoon about him in 2004, re-made and gave him a backstory in Nazo Unleashed in 2006. Turns out the Sonic X team originally designed him to be the new look of "Super Sonic" for the television series, but was eventually scrapped to keep the golden Super Sonic consistent with the games (I assume).

The aim this time around is to take what I have learned in the past 10 years and make something fantastic for everyone to enjoy. Better animation, fully voiced cast, a stronger plot, and the most important of all--Memorable, exciting fight scenes.

The scheduled release WAS 2019, but now I have decided to split the film in to three Acts, meaning some acts will come out before then, but there is a chance the final Act will go beyond that because I plan to release the full version of the Wrath of Nazo when Act 3 is done, with tweaks and edits to Acts 1 and 2.

My name is Aaron Cowdery and I love making cool cartoons! I have been animating in one form or another since I was 12, starting out with crappy spriter animations on Newgrounds.com. Eventually I would go on to go to school for animation and begin to land studio jobs in New York City, and here I am! I also love me some video games, astronomy, and swimming!

While the Nazo series is my most popular content, I also have other original and parody cartoons you can check out!

Newgrounds: http://chakra-x.newgrounds.com
YouTube: http://youtube.com/chakra-x
Tumblr (personal/art): aaronanimate.tumblr.com

Nazo and Animation Questions

Q: Wait, 2019?!? REALLY??

A: Absolutely! Animation is a lot lot lot of work and the majority of the project as far as I know now will be completed by me. That means writing the script, storyboarding all the action sequences, obtaining lines from voice actors, drawing hundreds of poses of a Character for rough animation, re-drawing and coloring it for the final look. That does not take in to account the hours upon hours of special effects, sound mixing, and video editing that goes in to making a presentable final product.

Now I have to fit all of that with my day job, spending time with the Wife, errands, and dozens of non-Sonic related activities and responsibilities.

Short answer? Unless SEGA magically hires me to make Sonic cartoons full time, this is going to take a long time and I ask that you be patient so that the final product can get the love that it needs. HOWEVER I plan to release the film in to 3 parts, so parts 1 and 2 may come out earlier.

Q: Will "X Character" be in the Wrath of Nazo?

A: The script is written and locked down already, so no more extra characters will be added as a main focus. I don't want to spoil anything but Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, Shadow, Eggman and Nazo will be the most featured characters.

Q: Will Shadic/Fusion come back?

A: This is a 10000% definite no. I am so happy to see fan art and games of Hyper Shadic, but I am not going to rely on the same power up this time around. To make it more entertaining and reduce the connection to Dragonball Z, there will be no fusion in The Wrath of Nazo...There is also a plot element you will learn eventually that prevents that...

Q: Ugh I HATE *insert Character*'s Voice!! CHANGE IT!

A: I love ever actor I selected for this film, but I understand not everyone will be pleased. If. I hope you don't let the vocals ruin your enjoyment of the film!

Q: What software do you use?

A: Toon Boom Storyboard Pro  for Storyboarding
Toon Boom Harmony Premium for Animation/some special effects
Adobe Affect Effects CS6 + sometimes plugins for many visual effects and color grading 
Adobe Premiere Pro for video editing 

Q: Can you teach me to animate?

Animation is a lot of work and I really need to focus what free time I have into making the film and running the Patreon. THAT being said, I will be offering some tutorials as rewards for the highest tier. If you seek more information I highly recommend picking up Richard Williams's book The Animator's Survival Kit. It's how I got a little better before I went to college!

Q: Do you plan to do original content, and not just Sonic/Nazo stuff?

A: Absolutely. While Nazo is going to be a heavy undertaking, I have a handful of original ideas and worlds that I am super eager to show off to the world when they are ready. Eclipse Force and Captain Ignant are earlier works of mine that demonstrate my continuing interest in original action stories and racially-focused satire

For those of you who choose to support me through Patreon, I will offer exclusive and/or early access to some behind the scenes content of my work. This includes Wrath of Nazo, personal animations and illustrations.

The ultimate goal is to focus most of my creative time into Wrath of Nazo, so I designed these rewards to maximize production time while still providing adequate perks for supporters. Special password protected videos will be available to stream for the respective rewards.

$1 a month will give you access to a constant stream of **work in progress** screenshots that won't be available on my other media outlets! Some shots will also be labeled to demonstrate the progression of a drawing, scene or special effect.

$5 a month will give you access to sped up video recordings of me working, allowing you to see how I approach various animation techniques.  This also includes everything in the first tier and well.

$10 a month will get you (sometimes slightly spoiler-y) work-in-progress animations as they become available.  Be the first to see a scene animated before it's polished! Includes previous awards too. You will also get access to early access tutorials as they become available!!

I aim to work-in-progress animation a month if possible. I greatly appreciate anyone willing to support me and my artistic endeavors.
$100 - reached! per month
I will use these funds to afford assistance from freelance artists, which will probably be animation or backgrounds depending on the immediate needs
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 169 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 169 exclusive posts

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