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About Ikari

Hello everyone! I'm Ikari and I make all kinds of gaming related videos: Mod reviews, Game Reviews, LetsPlays, discussions and More!

What I currently do:
Skyrim Mod Review Episodes with the BEST NEW MODS around every week! Fallout 4 Mod Review Episodes with the BEST NEW MODS around every week! Recent Games: I review recent games and older hidden gems! I also do full playthroughs of some.

I have sacrificed a lot of time and sleep to make videos in the last few years. Because of that I took a lot of mental and physical damage and am in a bad overall condition now. It is often hard to concentrate and get past the anxiety and depression. That is why I am not able to make videos as often as I used to.
If you are able to offer help out and support me it would be really appreciated and help me a lot of course.
Also a big Thank You to all who have been supporting me this far!
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