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About DrummerIX

Hello and thank you for visiting my Patreon.  I go by DrummerIX and have been creating cheat engine tables since 2017.  Before that, I used to make some Gameshark codes for Playstation games back in the day.  I try to be thorough with my tables and do as many options as I can that are requested.  I enjoy figuring out how to make the game do what I want by looking at the assembly language and using some programming/debugging skills.  My first table was for the Dragon Quest Heroes 2 game that came out in 2017 and I've been creating many tables for various RPG's and other games since that time.  I post them on www.fearlessrevolution.com.  I will still post them there, but I have been requested to create a Patreon so those that want to can contribute to helping me create cheat engine tables.  I will mainly use the funds to buy games to create the tables.  Thanks again for visiting and especially if you feel like supporting me.

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