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to be honest i'm not here to beg for your money or tell you that your going to get some reward for it. this page was created by a freshman college kid trying to work towards a better future for himself and his family. any and all money pledged to this patreon will be going towards housing and food expenses for the coming future and will be greatly appreciated as it will be from the kindness of your hearts.
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the minimum number i could think of for monthly help

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double the minimum number i could think of for monthly help

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making some real difference here

four corners of the hearth
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showing initiative to help and being one of the best people i know

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crazy dave's cave
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this is more of an unusual tier as i think its it  a bit too much for someone to be wiling to give to a kid that they dont know

$0 of $600 per month
this would give me enough money per month to pay off my bills so that i wont have to work and can focuse solely on making sure my education goes well
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