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I know, i know - its another begging youtuber wanting money. And yes, you are indeed correct. But let me tell you why.... (or here is the short version - "help me make videos please")

When i first started making a few videos here and there, i had NO idea it would ever grow this big. Allowing me to ride Moto3 bikes and travel around Europe doing awesome things. Its a dream come true. The hard bit is that as your channel grows, so does the pressure and effort one needs to apply in order to stay on top of ones game.  You have to be delicate in your topic and opinion, cater for a huge range of tastes, make sure quality is top notch, make sure you try to keep it fresh - and my personal demon "Make each video better than the last".

Maybe one day, this could turn into a full time job - where i can be 100% focused on creating content for you. This Patreon site is the first step towards building a solid financial flow of money, which, will ultimately go towards making the content better for you. So, if you can - please help out.

I love what i do and never want to feel like its too much hard work, so if you feel like being an excellent human being and supporting me, i will be eternally grateful.

Thank you,


(Double Bloody Donate ;)

$14.60 of $3,000 per month
Hmm, whats my goal. Well i guess its to actually be able to make this bike thing self supportive and allow me to make more content, more regularly. Currently my life is a bit of a muddle and it feels like the order of things is changing - but i cant commit to cocking about just yet as its no where near to paying the mortgage. One day maybe ;)
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts

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