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Thank you so much for supporting the work and joining this space! Please feel free to stay up to date with what's happening through all the past and future posts!

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Thank you for offering Mom's favorite number. In addition to all the patron only posts, I'll send you:

-a love note in the mail <3  

- what I'm burning in the studio right now (I usually start each art making session with copal or Palo Santo).

Patron Saints

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OMG Thanks! Please enjoy every sticker I've ever designed, from me, with love, plus what I'm currently burning in the studio.

Stickers include:

 - My BLM sticker

 - The No Inspiration, No Wings sticker

 - The Militant Femme sticker

And free shipping on anything from my Love Letters 4 Liberation etsy shop. (message me for details).




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About Matice Moore

Hello! My name is Matice. Welcome to my Patreon page.

I'm a visual artist who focuses primarily on abstract painting and printmaking. I use this platform to raise the funds I need to pay for the spaces I work in and learn from, which right now looks like studio rent, workshop fees, and organizing residencies with other artists of color. Beyond the studio, I'm a facilitator who works primarily with queer people of color and artists. 

As a patron, you'll receive:

  • Monthly On Purpose Posts (OPP), where I share what's happening in my studio life.
  • Blog posts that highlight my paintings, prints, drawings, photography and other projects related to my art (clicking on the picture gives you a more detailed view of the work). 
  • Discussion of the ideas that I'm researching and exploring, especially as they relate to the recurring themes of Black liberation, mothering, spirituality, race and gender that show up in my work.
  • Profiles of artists that inspire me. 
  • A note sent to your mailbox as a token of my gratitude, along with stickers, cards, original art, and things to burn.  
I was employed full-time until May 2017, when I made the conscious decision to leave my job in order to have more time and space to nurture my artistic practice. Funding the various stages of one's creative development is incredibly difficult. More often than not, folx in the early stages of an artistic career are bankrolled by their parents, have access to other sources of monetary support, or have to sacrifice their creative freedom for the sake of gigs that will cover basic living necessities. A small percentage of folx, especially those from historically marginalized backgrounds, have the time and space they need to incubate their practice and pursue opportunities that in the short term pay nothing or very little, but are extremely beneficial to the development of their art in the long run. Thus the cycle of seeing a homogeneous art world dominated by white men continues uninterrupted, and the art we need to inspire radically inclusive, life-perpetuating, expansive shifts in our culture goes unmade, locked inside a person working a job they don't love, obstructed by the myth of pulling yourself up by your boot straps. 

I believe my life as a self-directed Black artist is possible because my constellation of friends, family members, and acquaintances have already shown me that kindness and gratitude are the currency of the universe.

The Patreon "Tiers" are merely suggestions and can be adapted to whatever feels good to you. If you choose to support the page please note that I have every intention of putting something in the mail to you, but I am INCREDIBLY slow at it. Thanks again for checking out this space!
$300.18 of $350 per month
Funds to make the dream a reality. At this level I can:

- Buy art supplies (roughly $150 to $250 per month)

- Save up to cover the housing costs of studying at the Anderson Ranch Art Center.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 29 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 29 exclusive posts

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