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About Girl Ninja Cat


this patreon is dedicated to funding the games made by me and others. 

For donating 1 dollar you can see sketches of finished characters and some cute extras between them.

For donating 5 dollars you get to see some finished references of characters as well as sketches for unfinished ones. comic sketches

For donating 10 dollars you get to see full sketches of all characters, and full colored designs as well as possible how to draws. comics not yet released as well.

we thank you all so much for your donations, it means so much and you don't even need to do much. We ask so little to give you guys things so big. Thank you!
$0 of $30 per month
This is to go to side project being made
Code: Zorbom (official name being brainstormed)

progress on the game: 2%

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