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Exploring what music can be through non-conventional means

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Milestone Goals
Website fees
$20 per month
This would cover the monthly fees for the website
Wesite fees and email management
$50 per month
This would cover the monthly costs of website fees and an account with an email management service (Aweber) to best handle communication with you and the rest of my supporters.
Overall coverage of internet presence
$100 per month
This should cover the monthly costs of website fees, email management, and various paid levels of site profiles (SoundCloud, Reverb Nation, etc.)
$500 per month
At this point I would be able to upgrade everything: a professional DAW, new and better equipment, way better P.A. system, recording equipment, lights, etc...one piece at a time.
$2,000 per month
Not saying I won't be doing some touring without this support, but with this I would be able to cut the day job way down and focus on content creation and a greater scope of touring.


My name is Cory Hutzenbuehler and I have spent the last several years making music and performing as 3rd St. Basement Dweller. I have put a lot of time and effort into the study of music and new ways to make it. I believe in the music business model of putting your music out for free and allowing people to support you however they can. If you enjoy my work, please help me continue to make it. Even if financial assistance is not for you, a Facebook like or a Soundcloud follow and telling some people about me is plenty awesome. 


La Crosse, WI, USA

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Hi there, my name is Cory Hutzenbuehler, A.K.A. 3rd St. Basement Dweller. 
    After the birth of my child in 2010, I had no time for T.V. and video games. I spent all my time just taking care of my kid and listening to music. When you listen to music all day, you really start exploring what's out there. I eventually discovered "chiptunes" and saw all of these amazing people using low cost video game hardware to make incredible music. I looked into what I could do with a Nintendo DS, got a hold of some "games" to produce music with, and 3rd St. Basement Dweller was born.
    As time went on, I acquired more equipment and have performed live shows in my area with many talented artists in various genres. Finally having  reached a point of comfort with what I'm doing, I would like to take the show on the road a bit and perform in other areas. Also, I have started to study electronics and have been modifying equipment and plan on building some hardware of my own.
    In order for me to have the resources to continue studying (music, electronics, programming, marketing, etc...all the things it takes to produce music in the ways I want), possibly go on tours, produce new content regularly, and everything else...., I humbly ask for your support. 
Thank you.

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