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I have some ideas frothing around in my head. After I reach 100 dollars per month I will put then down for patrons only!! This shit will make Raptor Red look like a kids book!!




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Do you like my blog(s) antediluvian salad and southland beaver? Have you found ideas of merit and original thought in them? Do you think original content should be rewarded and do you have the will and means to do so? If so consider making a monthly pledge to support the furtherance of my work. I get a lot of benefits from writing these two blogs - in fact I think it is what I do best in life - and wouldn't it be neat if I could make a quasi living off of them? Just a thought. Long story short I will continue to create regardless but if I was properly funded the rate and quality of creation would be much higher.
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Ok now, gonna start using Patreon finally. They say I should make a goal so I did: 100 million dollars…. ok just 100$ per month I can do that! After that I will make another goal!!

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