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About DesireSFM

The great strength of videogame-porn is, that we as the viewer bring in our relationship to a character, we developed as a gamer before. Lara Croft is not just a fine eyecatcher, but also a character some of us know for more than 20 years. Yennefer or Miranda are more than some gorgeous looking black haired beauties, they were the love interests of our Geralts and Shepards, we spent so much playtime with. We know those characters, feel for them, know their story! Something a regular porn actor or actress can't achive, no matter how good they are acting or looking.
As a SFM-Artist I'll try my best to wake those emotions in you. That's why I am focussing on story, setting and visual language in my videos. I have no interest in just random model-combinations in 3-seconds-loops. Instead I'll try to be as lore-friendly as possible and pick up plot lines from the games to maximise the atmosphere in my videos and let them tell their own story. 
The internet is for porn, but this porn-blog is for gamers!

What you can expect:
Most of my work focuses on clips with a runtime between 2 to 10 minutes. I'll animate regular & futa-sex. My work mostly is dark themed, telling stories about treason, forbidden affairs, self-abandonment and distress. But always making sure, that all parties, involved in the sex, are enjoying it.

If you agree with my vision for gaming-porn, I would be really thankful, if you would consider to support me here on patreon.

Finished projects are displayed under the featured tags or in the patreon-exclusive-archive.

66% complete
With reaching this goal, I will start to think about quitting my RL-Job completely to focus fulltime on animating porn.
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