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Paper Kids have access to view comic pages early (before they are on the site!), 2 kids have the chance to win a raffle of their OC/or themselves  being drawn as a paper person, and every other month can win a custom plushie of their character as paper person.

Includes Discord benefits
Paper Peeps
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-All the previous tiers prizes

-Can create an account to save progress/leave comments on the paper world site

 -20% off all of my commissions 

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Paper Royals
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-All the previous Tier Prizes

-bimonthly character art of either your favorite paper person or an OC as a paper person

-50% off of all my commissions 

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        I am working a webcomic called Paper World, it's the story about goofy little doodles who have to face hardships, drama, and more. The comic will be completely free to view and enjoy, and sell extra stuff like merch, raffles, concepts, and other accessories on the side for fans.
       Paper World has been my dream for a long time, and I finally have some of the tools to make it. Even if you don't become a part of my patreon, I hope that you will still find time to read and enjoy my comic as it comes out.

Thank you for taking your time and checking out my page
$0 of $150 per month
Just a small starting goal to help me start working on the comic.
It covers the time I spend working on the comic and will be used to pay for the site and it's management

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