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About The Bosphorus Review of Books

With our literary journal now entering its fourth year, we’ve decided it’s about time for all our fabulous contributors to get something for their hard work and to guarantee the best content from Turkey and across the world.

Firstly, The Bosphorus Review of Books will remain free for readers.

But, if you think like us, then you can donate here in the safe knowledge that your money will (following Patreon’s cut and hosting fees for our site) be shared out and distributed evenly to our artists, poets, and writers.

The more Patreon subscribers we get, the greater the reward we can offer our artists, so you will be directly contributing to our quality with every dollar you give.

Contributions begin at a rate of $5 per edition.

We want to continue producing the best literature and analysis that we can. We believe that Istanbul, Turkey and our region produce some amazing literature and we would love this to be presented alongside content from across the world. To succeed in this noble endeavour, we need your help, so come join us!

$18 of $300 per Edition
We feel that this is an achievable first goal. If we get to this amount, we will be able to cover our costs and pay our contributors.
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