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About Bluesnod

Welcome to my Patreon supporter group.
I been running a youtube channel Since Nov of 2015. My original channel name was called Real-IZ gaming but eventually change it 2 month into my channel existing (Pretty obvious why I change my channel name). I started my channel mostly focus on Train sim and other simulation game as that was what I was streaming on my twitch channel. As time pass I start doing vlogs and even did vlog about me going to sport event as I was a pretty big sports guy.

  Ultimately I stop doing simulation type of game on my channel and start to make more sports content. I also been going to a lot of games in the past year and even started 3 sport vlog series. Baseball vlog which started in April 2016 is mostly about me vlogging and going to San Francisco Giants game although I have done a couple of episode that did not involve with the Giants. Match vlog which started in March 2016 is me going to San Jose Earthquakes game and vlogging it. And finally Sport hop which started in October 2017 is me going to different sporting event (Mostly American football, football, and hockey) and visiting as many stadium as possible sort of like a ground hop.

  I also do preview and review for my other favorite team Chelsea FC although that been move to my second channel, Bluesnod 2 which started in Nov 2017. Speaking of which my second channel is pretty much my alternate channel to talk about other sport news that not necessary affected my favorite team or other big breaking news in the sport world.

Why support my Pateron?
Support me on Pateron mean that your not only a loyal supporter of my channel, but your willing to give me a tip as a showing of your devotion and generosity to me.

Why I start my Pateron?
I start this Pateron not in a way to go full time on YouTube or make a living, but it more about earning some bonus tips from my hard work that I do for my content. I also start the Patreon as a way to fight against the corrupt monetization program YouTube has to offer.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope by reading this it can convince you to drop a simple donation on my Patreon (This is entirely optional)
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I should be able to do a jersey unveil every month on my main channel (since most jersey nowadays cost around $100)
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