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I thought it was Important to tell you this information first, because let's be honest I'm asking you for money so you want to know what I plan to do with it. Well as you are probably aware I make YouTube videos about RC Models, and I try to help people in this hobby and new Pilots just starting out in this great hobby with information about new gear and reviews of new products. So your money will go towards parts and equipment for me to review, to help fellow Pilots learn and understand this hobby that has such a great Community. If you would like to visit my YouTube channel just click on this link

As a Patreon you will get the chance to watch videos  that will "Never" be uploaded to YouTube such as a full tour around my work shop / home and get to see all of my gear and Models. Also Previews of upcoming YouTube videos, and links to a whole stack of RC Model gear ( No more need to hunt for it )


Hello Pilots & Ground Crew,
I first got into the Awesome Hobby of RC Models about 30 years ago, but back then it was more of a Sunday pastime and just a bit of fun. About 15 year ago I started to take things a bit more series as more and more new technology came along, all of a sudden RC Helicopters and Planes where able to do things they couldn't before. However this was nothing compared to what has happened since 2010 with all sorts of new technology and with the arrival of Drones. 

As much as I Love to fly my RC Model Helicopters and Planes in 2012 / 2013,
I made my first Quadcopter I believe the Frame was a ( ZMR )

Not long after this I got myself a DJI Drone and started making flight videos of all sorts of things, and I always loved to push her to the limit and take long flights over the Sea and Shipyards. But by this time I was already trying out a new thing called FPV.

I still fly my other models, but I mostly concentre on FPV Now and love to fly my 5inch Quads, but over the last couple of years I have started to Build Micro Quads ( 3Inch ) and I think I love to fly them just as much as I love to build them. 

Over the Years I have learnt a lot and forgotten just as much ( Getting old lol ) But what I have learned I try to pass on to New Pilots in my Vlogs by showing Tips and Trick and giving out as much information as I can, If I receive an Email or a comment  asking me to make a video to explain a problem weather it's a Build Issues or a software Issues I'm always happy to help. And just one last thing I have got myself a RC Truck and connected an FPV back pack to her and loving the ride.
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