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You are my supporter and help me with creating art. Thank you!
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As reward you'll gain access to 5 high res PNG files, 5 CSP files and 3 process shot sheets. Thank you very much!




Hello everyone,

I'm Timbougami, nice to meet you.

My occupation and part of what makes me what I am is being an artist who creates illustrations and characters in form of digital paintings. I work mostly for video game companies as a freelance illustrator and designer.
I realized that drawing personal ideas and putting personal feelings into my art is very fulfilling and very important for my growth as an artist. I find it also increases the general quality of the art when I can get loose and experiment with anything I want without restrictions.
With this Patreon I wish to gather people who appreciate what I do and who would like to gain access to material I wouldn't publish normally. In return I'd like to be able to have more time for myself to focus on personal art and practice to expand my artistic skills as much as possible.

On this page you can get exclusive access to my PSD files, high res images and occasional process videos.

Reward Packs
I'll distribute the rewards through private messages on Patreon in form of links to Google Drive, so make sure you don't miss it!

As a Patron you will be charged "per creation". A "creation" will be a pack of rewards.
A pack will include 5 artworks with their respective files, meaning:

- 5 x high resolution PNG files (Tier One, Tier TwoTier Three)
- 5 x Clip Studio Project files (Tier Two, Tier Three)
- 3 x Process Shots (Tier Two, Tier Three)
- 3 x process videos for 3 of the 5 images (Tier Three)
- occasional NSFW pinup drawings (not included in every pack) (Tier Three)

Whenever I finish a picture I choose to be part of a reward pack I'll post it on my Patreon timeline (as a preview, not the rewards themselves) so you can see which artworks will be part of the next pack.

Money Charge
After I have finished 5 artworks with their respective rewards I will make a post that charges the payment of every actively subscribed Patron. Before that there will a post 2 days upfront to let everyone know about the upcoming money charge.

Every charged post will happen at the end of the month because Patreon can only charge money at the start of a new month.

It will take around 6 days until everyone got charged by Patreon, so I will send out the reward files to everyone who got successfully charged after that time period.
After the charged post is made you can't subscribe for that specific reward pack anymore.

The access to the Google Drive folder will be shut down after ~3 months, so make sure to download everything!

Thank you!

||| Older Rewards available for download here: Cubebrush |||
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 59 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 59 exclusive posts

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