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About Howl

Hi. My name is Gillian Blair but I commonly go by HowlArt, or just Howl. I'm 30 years old and living in Scotland.  Art is my life and I've been doing it since I was small. I would love to make art into a full time job! I have many ideas and characters I'd love to explore in comic form, or illustrations with stories. But finding the time to do this while also paying bills isn't easy.


Terra Cruxis is the name of my fantasy world and Comic Project. It features a fantasy/medieval type world filled with magic and peoples of all kinds. Humans, Anthros (Furries), Elves, Dwarves, and other fantasy type beings. 

Terra Cruxis is intended for adult audiences, it's a dark tale of war, violence and moral conflict. There may also be NSFW focused comics and content in the future. 

Terra Cruxis is a large world with many stories to share, currently I am only able to make one comic at a slow pace. Third Class is a prologue to another, larger story and will be setting some of the scene for it. The main character is a slave by the name of Patchfoot.

My goal is to be able to tell these stories, in comic format and possibly book format! YOU can help me do that by...


While all my finished images and comics will forever be free to view at the normal resolution by all. Patreon is intended as a tip jar of sorts to help with the overall creation of content that is Terra Cruxis focused and some little extras in return.

I'm not creating a paywall, rather it's intended as a support function so I can keep doing what I do.

You will be supporting me and making it possible for me to live doing what I love, you'll help me pay for the important things in life such as bills and food which I often struggle with. If I get enough patrons I will even be able to get a better computer and/or tablet which will help my workflow. 

If support grows I will be able to branch out and work on multiple comics, such as the main one, plus a NSFW focused one if people would be interested!

As of right now I largely have to pay my expenses by doing commissions, which takes time away from working on Terra Cruxis, by supporting this Patreon I would be able to devote more of my time to making the content mentioned above! My ultimate goal is to be able to work on Terra Cruxis full time.

Thanks once again for reading!

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