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A way to help support Me and everything that i do while not emptying your bank account. 

you'll also receive a role on discord that gives you access a Patreon chat where i shall chat more frequently! i look forward to meeting you all  

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You'll be able to vote for the next kind of video every time a new video comes out. 

i want to know what you guys want me to talk about!

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This Tier will give you 'Intense Fella' Rewards with the added addition of having your name in the end credits of my videos. your giving up a lot for me, and honestly i will never be able to thank you enough.
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About Zenny

I make Game reviews on the internet, and if that isn't enough of a turn off don't you worry buddy we are just getting started. Your pledges will go towards me making more videos on a more stable schedule. What have you got to lose aside from everything!
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Hitting this goal will cover all expenses such as editing software, Photoshop, commissions for assets, and the games that i review
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