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We're La Vaghezza, a group of five friends and musicians that play music from the 17th and 18th centuries together. We've been going for two years now, all living in different European cities and countries, and meeting up to perform wherever and whenever we can. This year we gave a total of 16 concerts as well as making a recording that we're happy to say will be out this Springtime. Sometimes it's world-renowned stages and festivals we play at, and sometimes it's a back room in a friend's house - the main thing is for us to be able to keep making music together, discovering our common language, refining it and being able to make it into concert programmes, recordings and videos that we can share with people. There are so many projects that we want to bring to life, certainly more than we can begin to fund ourselves. So, we thought we would try this magical entity that is Patreon and see if it allows us to get together more often, to get deeper into our music making, to experiment more, to record more, to bring our music to life.

For the past year we've been lucky enough to be supported by 37 international partners and six European professional networks as part of the Emerging European Ensembles scheme, and thankfully we will have their continued support this coming year. They help to spread the word about us, organise some concerts for us, and give us two residencies a year which is a special time we can use to rehearse together. We'd like to be sure that when this scheme ends, we have a security net of interested folk who want to follow our work and support us, letting us give them moments of our research and music making in return.

Very sadly, the thing that takes up the most of our time is managerial work, not actually music making or research! In order to get anywhere as a group we need to spend a LOT of time organising things (anything from travel and accommodation to recording our finances, to finding the hard copies of the music we want to play, to writing to festivals to introduce ourselves and get concerts, to maintaining our website, to sniffing out good concert venues... The list never ends!)  From experience we can say that this isn't something that an Agency could offer us. So, one of our main aims for the coming year would be to hire a manager, someone who knows us well and understands how to take control of the organising so we can get on with the music.

‘From the first notes, the quality of La Vaghezza’s playing was remarkable[…] A tightly woven ensemble that gave an engaged and stirring performance [...] La Vaghezza seduced us with the quality and the élan of their interpretation’

‘I am happy that this group - founded by some of my best students - decided to call themselves La Vaghezza, an aesthetic concept so dear to me. With their extraordinaty talents and energies they are sure to live up to their name’
Enrico Onofri

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When we reach $300 a month we could employ a manager to take care of all things non-music !
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