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Higher tiers don't reward additional features, and we place them here just to give some perspective.
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Higher tiers don't reward additional features, and we place them here just to give some perspective.
Giving us 5$ a month is like saying "Have a beer on me, you guys!", and although Eran will probably stick with coffee, Aviv very much appreciates the sentiment, and is probably already drinking that beer now!
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About Up to Four Players

Who are you guys?
We're Aviv (art and funny) and Eran (writing and funny), two London-based Israeli gamers who work in and around the tabletop gaming industry and enjoy various creative activities. Also, games!  More about us.
What's the webcomic about?
A group of friends are playing a tabletop role playing game, with all the cool, sometimes frustrating, sometimes surprising things that happen to you when you're involved in such an activity.
Also, the world of Crystal Heart in which they play is wicked cool; everyone has stones instead of hearts and they can get super powers by replacing the stone with a Crystal. Yeah!

Didn't you guys use to do mostly one-off jokes?
Yes, and you can read them all here, but after two successful years we've decided we want to try something new‎.

What am I paying for?
You don't have to pay for anything -  everything on the website is free for your entertainment consumption. If you do find it entertaining, though, and find yourself coming back for more, we encourage you to consider paying for it - it will allow us to keep doing the things we do, and make them better.

We believe that good work deserves remuneration, even if there's no specific price tag on it. Patreon allows us to give our audience the ability to decide how much, if at all, they're willing to pay for our work. If you think it's good, we'd love to have you become a Patron of us. If you think the entertainment we provide isn't good enough - we'd love to hear how you think it can be better! Email us at  [email protected]

Here are a few things we've been known to do, beyond our weekly page on uptofourplayers.com: A weekly podcast; the Ready to Roll series of comics explaining game rules; writing a new RPG article every week; freely releasing our steampunk adventure graphic novel, Singularity 1885; publishing a bunch or roleplaying accessories in the form of the Three Suggestions series; translating and re-uploading strips from our previous webcomic; composing a GeekList of all the games featured on the strip; giving some wise gaming lessons about life; running a 6 hour D&D marathon for charity; creating a storytelling card game called Venture Forth in which you play the entire campaign in three hours; collaborating with various other artists and game designer on various projects; etc.

That being said...
...we're offering all of our patrons free access to all of our Three Suggestions (usually sold here and here), filled with RPG ideas, and to a PDF copy of Venture Forth (usually sold here). 
You also gain access to the Crystal Ball articles, offering RPG content for Crystal Heart and other high-fantasy adventure world.

We also show some juicy behind the scenes stuff (if you consider incomprehensible doodles "juicy"), answer questions and occasionally ask you for your suggestions and opinions on stuff. All our readers deserve attention, but we think that people who pay us deserve quicker and more personal attention - so we're keeping a tab open with the activity feed at all times.

What will you do with the money?
Invest in little flowery pots, the kind you hang from the ceiling...you know those? Anyway, we'll also:
  • Pay the bills - We're popular enough these days that we require a dedicated server than can handle the traffic and actually stay up when we post a new page, and also some expensive security services to combat hacking attempts, which might sound cool but is actually so very annoying.
  • Try out new things - Eran wants to develop a board game about adventures and Crystal Hearts; Aviv wants to create a deck of 50 NPC faces and descriptions; both of us want to do a lot of other stuff, all of it is geeky, gamey goodness. With some money, we can actually make these things happen. For example, we've already used Patreon money to pay for an exhibitor stand, featuring physical copies of our comics.
  • Further explanationhere.
We hope to eventually make (at least part of) our living out of our webcomic and gaming ventures and we'd love to get your help. 

But I want to get more! Can't you, like, offer avatar art, or special strips, only for higher-level patrons, or something like that?
We might be able to... but we don't want to. We don't see Patreon as a way to "sell more stuff", we see it as a way for the audience to support an artist they enjoy. Even the Crystal Ball articles, which are currently closed only to patrons, will become a part of a future Crystal Heart product; it's a tool we use to motivate ourselves to create that future product. Being our patron is first and foremost about supporting our creative efforts, whatever they are. You can always stop being our patron, if you no longer want to.

How much should I pay?...
As much as you believe that we deserve - that is, as much as the entertainment we provide is worth to you. There are suggestions in the reward tiers to simplify things, and put the numbers in perspective. Thank you!

Can I support you in other ways?
Sure you can.
“This game references the Savage Worlds game system, available from Pinnacle Entertainment Group at www.peginc.com. Savage Worlds and all associated logos and trademarks are copyrights of Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Used with permission. Pinnacle makes no representation or warranty as to the quality, viability, or suitability for purpose of this product.”
$206.71 of $556.62 per month
When we reach this goal, we'll do a new Ready to Roll strip, to explain the rules to a new system.
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