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Many of you have told me that you want to support me financially for the work I do on Twitter because you feel what I do there should be a paid service. So, I created this tier for that purpose but as a thank you, you will have access to the Discord server where you can chat with like-minded fans.
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1) Match Reviews
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On Saturday you will receive a review of our games from the previous week. I will analyse the way we set up, our ideas, player performances and more. The reason I will do them as weekly analyses is because I spoke to a few professionals in the Premier League who advised me that holistic analysis is far more beneficial than situation-based analysis and the former can only truly be achieved through collecting games and analysing them together as opposed to analysing individual games.

Likewise, you will receive a minimum of one post a month on a footballing concept. For example, it could be about creative load, gravity, delaying, or any other concept that is important to know in football.

Finally, you will have access to the Discord.
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1) Match Reviews
2) Concept Analysis
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4) Podcast
5) Article
6) Scouting reports
7) Exclusive Web Chat

In addition to receiving the benefits from the previous tiers, you will also receive three additional types of content: podcasts, articles and scouting reports. Furthermore, you'll receive access to an exclusive web chat that is hosted once a month where we just get together and talk about football or life!

There will be a minimum of two podcasts a month. One will be released halfway through the month and the other at the end of the month. They will be on Manchester United specifically. It could be about a particular player, the coaching, the club's direction or any other matter.

There will be a minimum of one article a month which will be released at the end of the month. Here, I will write about something related to football that I believe is important to know. For example, I've written about neurology in football as well as the psychology of how people debate online.

I will release a scouting report once every two months. The reason for this is because I have a criteria behind scouting and it takes time to fulfil as I don't like to engage in superficial analysis. So, once every two months I will release a scouting report on a player.
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About UtdArena

Hey guys,

I hope you're well and thank you for coming here! :)

I assume many of you know UtdArena (UA) on Twitter but for those who don't, UA began as a hobby in late-2018 to analyse football but what started as a hobby eventually became an obsession. Then, losing my job in late-2019 effectively made it a make-or-break scenario as I was dedicating a lot of time and money into this. Now, I hope that with your support it can become a full time job.

Your patronage will not only give you access to further content but will also enable me to acquire better resources (software, data, etc) which will lead to a richer experience for you.

Please consider supporting my work. I will be entirely grateful.
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Woah! If this happened I genuinely wouldn't know what to think. You'd not only make it easier for me to produce content but you'd make it easier for my family, too!
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