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I'm Utsava, and people know me world wide for accurate Prophecies about the Trump administration, Q Anon, MAGA, as well as surrounding subjects like about the  New World Order, Aliens, Spirituality, Meditation, Esoteric science and much more. I have spent years in Mystery schools in the United States, in India and conducted lots of training in the field of Metaphysics, Spirituality, Health sciences, Psychology and more. Early in my life I went on a Spiritual path and share on the Patreon my insights with regular posts. 

In spite of the  heavy Censorship and frequent retaliation attempts by the Deep State, we have been successful in spreading the  truth.

Without freedom, there is no prosperity. Humans are free, and we are fighting the Deep state within our government. These actors took control. With President Trump we will be getting our freedom back and will live in abundance. There is God's hand in this new time interfering with dark entities and 'draining the swamp' in politics and elsewhere. I will post articles on politics and spiritual matters. 

Here, you can also support my work and videos I publish for all. 

You  can learn spiritual tools to free yourself from the Matrix control system and find your way towards true spirituality and freedom. I share on the Patreon what I have learned in Mystery schools, in various professional endeavors and my own insights and experiences, mainly from a psychic perspective. I also share some health information among some other things.

All information on the Patreon and in all messaging is privileged and copyright. Do not publish , copy or plagiarize these articles, information in the comment section or in messages, as you will be banned. Anyone participating in bullying, smear campaigns or other menacing acts against us will be banned without notice.

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