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About Joyce M. Barros

My name is Joyce and I'm making comics!

Ever Since I was little I have always been drawn to art and comics in particular. I want to make Patreon part of my full-time job together with commissions. I wish to share my stories with the world and at the moment I'm working on two comics; All in LOVE and Betovering. These two are my babies and I have been working on them for a few years. In this new adventure alongside you, I wish to complete them and make new stories in the future.

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When this goal is met, I will be uploading 3 pages every Sunday to the public on each comic and small CLIP STUDIO PAIN tips in video format or speed paint videos. Whit this, I will be able to afford my monthly meds with ease and won't need to get a part-time job at the moment.
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