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Thank you for your support <3! 

✧ unfinished / abandoned sketches
✧ early-acces to Crow(N)'s Nest pages
✧ Your name in the credits of upcoming MV's or Speedpaints!


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Thank you for your support <3!!

✧ early access to Animations & Illustrations

✧ w.i.p. gif's of finished Animations & Illustrations

✧ .psd files to browse through

And everything from the Tiers below!


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✧ Patrons will receive a clean sketch (1 Character) of their wish each month at a lower price then the usual Commission rate!
I'll write you a private message at the beginning of the month if your pledge got through!

And everything from the Tiers below! 




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About v0idless

Hello there!
I am v0id, currently a freelance 2D Animator / Artist!

I am developing a Comic and Music Video story for my Original Series Crow(N)'s Nest, which will focus around the adventures of Corvus and Minkar.
I know it's hard to come around with Original Content, but it feels way more personal for me to create it.
The passion and creativity I can put into Original Work without any kind of creative bounds is the best feeling I can wish for!

So what can you do by pledging to my Patreon?
A lot actually!
Even 1€ pledges are a big help and support me in paying my rent and hopefully paying future Background Artists, Musicians, Sound Designers and maybe also Voice Actors for MusicVideos / Shorts I would love to do!

Heck yea!
Look to your right and see the different Tiers!
The Telescope Tier is the basic support tier. Because even 1€ can help me live more stress free and healthy and push the Original Content I would love to create!
The Aurora Tier includes the previous Tiers and on top you get a cheaper Sketch Commision here, then through normally commissioning me :D!
I will try my best to keep you guys updated on the current progress!

If you decide to pledge to me, have my deepest gratitude!

You can find me on
$73.82 of $237.29 per month
Starting small, you'd keep me going as a freelancer, I can stress less about finding commission work and spend more time on personal projects!
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