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the site is called "Cheap Bots, Done Quick!", but actually it's free. you don't need to give me any money to use it. but if you want to, then i'm very grateful.
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Twitterbot hosting

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CBDQ is free to use, but this tier is priced at about the amount that it would cost to run a bot on a server of your own
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Twitterbot support

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if you would like assistance with making your bot work, or doing a particular thing, maybe this is the tier for you? or if you want to support me in supporting others - every week i get messages asking for assistance with CBDQ, and i try to do my best to help out.
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About v buckenham

hello, I'm v, and i make free online tools to let people express themselves in new ways.

so far, I've made Cheap Bots, Done Quick!, a free website which lets you create a Twitterbot, giving a Twitter account a life of its own to create anything from poetry to pictures. over 20,000 bots live on the easy-to-use service, including @infinite_scream, @tinycarebot, and my own @softlandscapes. and yours could join them!

i'm now also working on a tool codenamed Downpour. it'll make creating interactive scenes ("video games") quick and easy for anyone with a smartphone. i'm aiming to launch it in 2022, and will tell you more here as it starts to come alive.

i think it's important that these tools are free, and accessible to everyone who wants to use them. i've spent a lot of effort making them welcoming and easy to use - and that work would be undercut if i had to exclude access based on ability to pay. So i am running this Patreon. if you would like these services to continue, and if you would like me to spend time developing and supporting them, then I appreciate whatever you can spare.
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this is the the point where i can start taking time away from other paying projects to work on CBDQ a little bit each month
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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