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About VagEsteem

So, Who are You?
I'm Vanessa Geffrard.

Geff-what? That's clearly something foreign.
My parents are from Haiti and it's one of my favorite places on Earth!
My last name is French and I'm proud of it.

Haitian? Sex? You've lost your way.
Lol! Well, talking about sex, sexual health, and women are all my favorite things. I haven't lost my way, I just feel that conversation
about sex are one of the most important that a person will ever have in their lives... it determines the kinds of relationships we'll have, even the most important one... The relationship to ourselves and our bodies. And you're right, I didn't really have conversations about sex at school or at home, so I'm always pumped because I get to bring those conversations to others!

Sex at school? Girl, what in the world do you do?!
I have the pleasure of teaching sex ed. from the young to the seasoned and it rocks. Like really rocks. Like I really love it.

Where do you reside?
Okay nosey. Baltimore.

The Wire....
Don't you dare.

Let's keep it to VagEsteem then, what's that? Why that word?
So, VagEsteem is a workshop series I created in 2014 for women. It's also an independent podcast, that came along in 2016. I created VagEsteem because I realized that once folks hit a certain age, they don't keep up with sex education. Folks leave high school and never learn a new thing about sex... and that's not good.
I also found through my personal work, that women are reluctant to speak about sex openly. Sure, they'll probably talk about it with their gynocologist once a year... but I doubt it's a fun conversation with giggles, loud laughs, sisterhood, experience, and new techniques being discussed... but maybe that's just me.
Third, why not?!?!?! Talking about sex is fun. VagEsteem is not only a noun, it's also a safe, empowering space for women where we learn from each other by having courageous conversations about love, sex, relationships, and everything in between. Everything is independent and I need and appreciate your support!

Okay, so why couldn't you just name it Sex Education for Women, why VagEsteem?
Well, first of all, "sex education for women" is sorta blah. Would you come to something named that?


Okay then.
VagEsteem is a term I coined during a workshop educating the women about "Vag' and body confidence. It became the mantra for all of the workshops. I believe that if women have confidence in themselves, their bodies, especially their vaginas (vulvas)- they are more likely to care for them, love them, and bring them pleasure.

That's interesting.
I think so too. I meet so many amazing women and we all end up having a great time. My goal is to create a safe space for women to come together, laugh, and learn. If you're looking for sessions, check back on the website! Thanks so much for coming and feel free to ask a question, request a class for your group or your friends, or leave a comment!
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The funds will help me with materials, studio time, and getting venues for the  upcoming VagEsteem workshops.
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