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About ValsNoisyToys

Hey there everyone, it's Val.  And welcome to my Patreon!
Thank you so much for stopping by to check this out!  If you have any questions that the wall of text below doesn't answer, please feel free to send me a question via Patreon message.

So, I hope you've been enjoying my streams and videos!  I certainly don't expect you to contribute more than enjoyment of my work to the process, but if you do want to do more to support my content on an ongoing basis, this is one way to do that.  I am and will be grateful for any pledge or one-time tip you wish to give, but please don't give more than you can afford.


Since March of 2013 I've been making content for YouTube (primarily my Skyrim series "Zahjira's Travels").  In March of 2014 I immersed myself in the world of Twitch streaming for the first time and since then this medium has become my primary focus; although I still do some special projects for YouTube.  As of the beginning of March 2015, I moved to streaming simultaneously to three platforms (Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer) to allow viewers to choose the site that suits them best. 

In April 2016 the distracted gaming group called the  Society of Squirrels came to be with the founding members of GreatOrator, goreae, TexCubSF, and myself.  BvB1979 joined us in August 2016, and FoxCrimson on Halloween 2017.

The video seen above is an example of my work that combines elements of my streaming (the footage used) and post-production editing to produce a special YouTube video.

In addition, you can check this article out to find out more about me. Behind The Broadcast: Val's Noisy Toys

If I could, I'd continue to do what I do for free and never seek a dime but real life is what it is and felines and humans alike can't live on air.  I'm not a fan of advertising, so I don't really want to inflict that on people if I can avoid it.  Thus, this Patreon page.

Patreon Support
What are my primary plans for patron pledge funds?  Those would be:
  • physical equipment, software, and new games related to streaming
  • my upgraded internet for streaming, stream related-services, and other expenses that are related to the extra features I have added to improve my ability and quality of stream
  • providing additional features of interest to my regular viewers and patrons that I currently can't afford to do. Eg: chat giveaways during streaming, Patreon goal fulfillment, etc

Can You Give A One-Time Tip Instead?

Yes, you can!  If you'd prefer to give a tip when it suits you rather than go the monthly pledge route, there are several methods available to you:
  • Streamlabs: You can either tip or buy something from my Streamlabs Merch store!  Do be sure to put your handle in whether from Twitch, YouTube, or Mixer so I know who to thank. :)
  • Patreon itself! The Patreon FAQ tells you how (excerpted below):
  • Can I make a one-time tip (...) to a creator?
    Unfortunately, Patreon is built for recurring payments to creators to provide ongoing support for the creator! BUT you can pledge to a Creator any amount and delete your pledge (...) once you receive a verification email that your pledge was successfully charged!  Just be sure to delete your pledge and you will not be charged moving forward!

What Is "Charge Up Front"?

"New patrons will be charged on the day they pledge. They will be charged on the 1st of the month for their next charge and following charges." -- Patreon
I opted into this feature to allow new patrons immediate and automatic access to my Patron-only Discord server, "ValsNoisyToys SquirrelTime", as well as allow you to receive earlier access to other perks like the NPC Name Bin and ValsNoisyToys Patron Games.

Please note: Time-sensitive perks require five days lead time in order for me to have time to fulfill them. So if you want to be eligible for that perk for your first month, you must pledge before the five day window in order to qualify for that perk for that calendar month.

Future Plans
As time goes on I'll update this page when I manage to think of cool, new ways to reward my patrons and refine the goals / pledge sections of my Patreon page.

Thank you, and I hope to see you in the stream sometime!
You take care now.
-- Val
$27.63 of $150 per month
I'll produce a 5 - 15 minute video once a month for Youtube in which I'll answer eligible supporter's questions. 

Applies to $5 and up pledge tiers.

Note 1: I reserve the right to determine which question'll be answered.
Note 2: Both patrons and YT memberships'll count towards this goal.
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