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Changeling sypathizer
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Thank that's very nice of You! This way You show Your support and make me happy ^^

* You get lil pencil sketch of Your OC 

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With this You are buying me a small sketchbook (the good quality one). That's like 60 to 80 pages of potential! Thanks!

* You get pencil fullbody sketch of You character with some colored decorations

Changeling Drone
per month

Two of these and I will actually get back the money I'm spending to patreon other artists xD 

*You can make monthly requests for pencil sketches




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About Valtiel Arts

I'm a proffesional game designer, bu I also make art to bring joy and cutness to this gray world ^^ I like to create traditional art using pencils, colored pencils and markers, but I also do digital drawings. This Patreon is made for anyone who appreciates my work, and wants to support me for it ^^

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