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About Tyler McVicker


My name is Tyler McVicker, and I am the creator of Valve News Network, or VNN. VNN has been my creative baby for well over seven years, and through it, I have been able to learn, investigate and report on one of my favorite developers in the games industry, Valve Software. I get questions almost daily about the choice to report on a company like Valve, with an opaque nature, and lack of releases over the last few years would seem to lend to an incredibly difficult, and boring job. In reality, I find that my passion for this specific job come from these challenges. 

Much time is spent searching in any possible place for new information about the goings on up in Bellevue. Although the search can be incredibly time consuming, I find that it can also be far more rewarding then any other job I've undertaken. However, it also shines light on the major problem of VNN.

Doing a YouTube channel, or any other content platform for that matter is time consuming. Doing an incredibly specific type of content, that requires a vast understanding of hundreds of moving parts, all of which can and will change at anytime is almost impossible. I find that no matter how much time I put into this, there are always tens of things that I fall behind on, and unfortunately, many of these things have to do with income. 

The amount of time necessary to keep up with every facet of a company such as Valve requires the utmost dedication, and a person crazy enough to allow most waking thought to go into said company. So being full time is a requirement for this position, which while allowing for more time to be dedicated to research and reporting, also raises far more time consuming tasks, all related to staying afloat financially. This could mean creating and building relationships with sponsors, diversifying into other types of content, and doing things in the real world completely separate from the job in order to make enough money to not only live on, but also to continually upgrade the many pieces of equipment to allow the reports to grow and improve. 
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