Ryan is creating Game Development Tutorials

$1 /mo
My eternal gratitude for supporting my efforts plus early access to videos. I'll use the money on pizza, beer, and computer hardware - maybe not in that order - Scout's honor.

$3 /mo
All of the previous rewards, plus full access to source code including episode change logs and full source downloads. I will drop you a message at the start of the month requesting your particulars...

$10 /mo
All of the previous rewards, plus you get to add me on skype and poke me about questions and stuff... I'll tell you to shut up if you get too annoying though; Programming is all about problem solvi...

$25 /mo
Want to have a 1 on 1 conversation with me for an hour, talking about whatever you desire? How about being credited in any videos I produce that month?

$40 /mo
All of the previous rewards, plus you will be able to submit an idea for a video each month, and I will be forced to do a tutorial about it (and learn about it in it's entirety if I don't already k...