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Tier 1: Ground Control
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Contribute $1 a month just to help out and show your support.

You'll also get:

  • Your name mentioned as a patron during our shows;
  • Very early access to WE BELIEVED and similar special shows;
  • Early access to special videos;
  • Behind-the-scenes looks at White Rocket's books, comics & art;
  • Patron-only polls (if you wish to participate) including our SEC Power Poll;
  • Secret code if you wish to enter our Fantasy Formula 1 league!
  • We have even sent out FREE copies of some books (we only asked for shipping costs) recently, to all patrons who requested them!
Tier 2: Flight Ops
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Get access to:
  • All members-only video episodes including some not available to $1 members;
  • Earlier mention when we list the names;
  • Extra support for your favorite shows, very much appreciated;
  • and everything at the $1 level
Tier 3: Wing Commander
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You receive:
  • GREAT APPRECIATION for going above and beyond;
  • Discounted prices on WR products. (Just contact us on anything you're interested in!)
  • Everything from the $1 and $3 tiers.
Tier 4: Flight Commander
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Everything from the lower tiers plus:
  • You suggest show topics (and we'll likely do them!);
  • You can appear on our shows;
  • This-level-only early access to new stories and art;
  • Bigger discounts on WR products and occasional freebies;
  • MASSIVE APPRECIATION for keeping our shows on the air.
Tier 5: The Eagle Has Landed
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Everything we offer everyone, plus:

You can get a copy of every new publication WR puts out FOR NO ADDITIONAL COST, from the month you join, for as long as you are a member at this level. Just let us know what you're interested in.

You can also suggest show topics and guests, and even make a guest appearance on one of our shows.

And of course THE HUGEST MASSIVE APPRECIATION for keeping our network going.