is creating boat or ship models for 3D printing

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You will find all completed projects as well as current ones at the end of this block.
Important notice to download the 1:1000 ships

Photos of the finished ships

is under construction

My ship models on thingiverse

I at Instagram

View the Models in 3D

What I love

I like boats, even though I don't live by the water. I like my bathtub, although it doesn't replace the sea. I like old ocean steamers, although I've never been on one. I like comparing things to make you understand things better. I like when things are big, even though I have little space. I like to create things and share them with others. I like a lot of things and I hope you do too. So I started doing some things I like to do. I like my bathtub and boats, so I'm creating some for the bathtub. I like big ocean liners but unfortunately have little space, so I draw them in scale 1:1000 to have the possibility to compare them with each other.

What I wish for

Even though it is a lot of fun, it takes a lot of time to research and draw things on a scale of 1:1000.
So I wanted to see if there are any dear enthusiasts among you who appreciate my work and support me a little bit.
Thank you for your help :)

What you get

More great models for the bathtub. More fascinating models for the 1:1000 collection. Exclusive models, if wished :)
And of course my thanks for the great support

Coming videos

There are a few on YouTube

You like the ships but you don't have a 3D printer

Write to me, we will find a solution.

The files are for personal use only.

Completed Projects

Link to Projects:
1:1000 Ships:

SS - Nomadic

SS Kaiser Wilhelm_der Grosse

Emerald Fitzgerad

RMS Titanic

RMS Olympic

HMHS Britannic

RMS Republic (1903)

RMS Lusitania

RMS Mauretania

RMS Aquitania

RMS Oceanic (II)

RMS Adriatic (II)

RMS Baltic (II)

RMS Celtic

RMS Cedric

RMS Carpathia

SS Californian

SS City of New York

Mackey Bennett

SS Great Eastern

SS Storstad

TUG Vulcan Harbour tug

- SS Frankfurt
- MV Wilhelm Gustloff
- MV Goya
- MV General von Steuben

Thompson Graving Dock
Port of Southampton 1:1000

ongoing Projects:

SS Nomadic 1:200
MS St.Loius
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 852 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 852 exclusive posts

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