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About Vandych

Who is Vandych?
He is a robot that makes sexy cosplay content.
Most of this site’s content is about erotic cosplay.
I hope, that you appreciate my humor. =)
Erotic cosplay is my soul hobby, my site I done this for a long time using my own funds and will continue to do so, but if you like my work, your support will allow me to do new sets sooner and more frequently, helping to acquire paints, costumes and decorations (most of which we do ourselves), and also to thank our models and crew for their work.

Well... FAQ, boys and girls?

So what, you publish photo only here?
No, of course, but only here you, buddy, you can find exclusives. Only here - the full cosplay photosets, backstages and videos that I do only for patrons on this wonderful site - Patreon.
Stop, exclusives? And what can I get?
Pal, look at the list of rewards and their cost. If you subscribe to a certain amount, then you will get what it says there.
And why do you even ask for money? The artist must be hungry!
And I'm starving! The money goes to pay for the premises, make-up, models, electricity, food for models, assistants, the work of the KGB, meat for the bear and soul warmth. And I myself eat energy balls of love from subscribers.
Okay, I'll be your sponsor. If I sign today, then what and when will I receive?
Dude, look at the calendar. In the same month in which you became a sponsor, you will receive all the rewards, BUT! If the date is somewhere around the 14th or 15th (or later), then write to me in the PM so that I know that I have a new sponsor who needs to send all the rewards of the month when he appeared with me.
And when can I get the archive?
As soon as you subscribe, but I'm only human after all, there may be a delay, but not very long
Delay? Holly cow, it does not sound very cool, you know ...
Well ... I can be busy with new projects, shooting photos and, well, you know ... Sleep. But usually I scan the messages every 3-4 hours.
Listen, something went wrong ... And I also have an idea for you. And, by the way,
I wanted to offer you for a long time ...

No more words, pal. Write to me here ( and we'll solve everything.
But do you remember, yeah?
Delay. It's not a fact that everything will be all at once, but I'm definitely looking through all the messages
How much time do you invest in the photoshots?
Thanks to your support, I now spend all my free time on creating cosplay and photo shoots.
They say, that I live now in the studio, making new details of costumes and processing photos.
Who are the models, especially
My models are girls I lure with free pizza 😆
In fact, these are models who like my work and they want to make beautiful photos together
What camera are you using?
To be honest, I don't know what it's called .. it seems to be Nikkon.
But it doesn’t matter, the camera is just a tool. A beautiful result depends on the lighting that implements the idea. And this is exactly what a photographer should be able to do, to put the lighting correctly.
Is arcive includes the last months works?
At the end of the month, all photos go to the archive.
But since I make about 3 cosplays per month, the archive is replenished very quickly, monthly.

problem happened
write me a private message patreon or you write in skype vandych100 (7\24 online)

 I finished collecting archives.
Wow! 79 sets in two years! That’s awesome! Each of them has 50-60 photos.
Thanks to you it has become possible.
Thanks to you, I was able to publish at least 3 sets per month.
Thanks to you, I was able to make a video.
Thanks to you and your applications, I managed to restore some old photosets and expand them from 10 to the standard 50 photos in each.
Thanks to you, it became possible to create so many amazing costumes.
You help us grow. You help keep our team afloat.
Thank you all very much.
Well … I do not know about you, but I look forward to what will happen next year.
Let’s try and do everything cooler next time!

398 of 500 patrons
I can regularly make online chat. where you can chat with the model and with me. And also to attend cosplay conventions in your country and possibly in your city.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 305 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 305 exclusive posts

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