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About Vanessa Ravencroft

Writing,the written word and reading are as important to me as air and food. I am truly thankful that you came to this side to learn more about me and perhaps even read some of my stories. Because I am a writer. A painter needs someone to see the artwork, an actor needs an audience and a musician needs listeners.And I as a writer need readers and that is the very reason I am posting chapters of new stories here. If I am a good or bad writer is alone for you to decide of course but It fills me with great pride to read your critique and comments. Each of your comments, each word is like a very special treasure to me. I want to thank you all from the very bottom of my heart for reading, maybe commenting and perhaps coming back to read some more.
I am published and several of my books can be found at Amazon and everywhere paperbacks, ebooks and kindle stories are sold

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