is creating Yoga practices, dancing videos, nude art and personal stuff
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About VaneYOGA

I share my knowledge and experience about self confidence and infinite pure love through the movement as an other way of art and sample of freedom.
My objective is raise  a community full of people driven for  love, kindness, and awareness, with an open mind and heart.
I know I can inspire and be inspired for the people who knows that we don't have to be afraid of ourselves, because we are all sparks from the divine spirit. This Creator Spirit, does not know about fear, shame or negativity. 
This is a place, when we can just be  who we are! 

All the content here is created by Vanessa Vales Vargas and she has all the copyright over it.  It can not be reproduced, re-distributed, share it,publicly displayed  or copy by anyone without her permission. If you violate this, you will be pursue and will confront the international copyright consequences.

This account is 18+. All the performances here are into  the art and good taste  concept and this has nothing of porn or explicit content. 

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+++Recuerda que tu pago sera cobrado por anticipado del mes que esta en curso, y cada primero el mes que comienza. 

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traveling to a different places and make nude yoga sessions outside. I will share the videos and pictures with all of you.
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