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Thank you! Really, no amount is too small!  I'll use this for some tea. Buckets of black tea fuel me. 
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About Vantid

I'm Vantid, an artist inspired and captivated by strong emotions that stem from the natural world - from the cute and humorous, to the dark and macabre. This Patreon is for folks who're into exploring this range of emotional impact with me. I'm just dipping my toes into Patreon, so this is a simple tip jar for access to lots of animal drawings, and we’ll see where we go from there!

Sounds cool, what can I expect?
Those of you at The Cup O' Tea level, you get my heartfelt thanks. I offer this to those who wish to give something for my public postings on social media and internet galleries.

The Sketchbook Avalanche of Art is a monthly subscription to the piles of drawings I produce but never bring to a good finish. Each week, I post a collection of the sketches and WIPs I've accomplished that week - mostly nature and wildlife studies, as well as a healthy dose of realistic fantasy and furry art, with a side of goofy animal faces. The majority of the art is web-exclusive for patrons! Additionally, when I have original paintings for public posting, you guys get first dibs for purchase.

Thank you for considering joining me on my journey and supporting my art and explorations!

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